1124 is a clothing company that specializes in artistically developed fine art apparel. The tie-dye and bleach dye t-shirts are hand dyed and hand pressed, guaranteeing that every garment is completely unique. All of the designs are made from my india ink and watercolor paintings and my photography. I aim to express a fast paced, fun lifestyle by featuring photography taken in and around Denton, Texas at events, concerts, house shows and local bars; A project dubbed The Denton Collegiate. The clothing line is currently split into these two categories, india ink + watercolor and The Denton Collegiate. 1124 is aimed at a somewhat broad target market. The bright colors and bold design grab interest from skaters, music enthusiasts, creatives and festival goers.


Right around the time that I was born, my parents were building this gorgeous log cabin together with their bare hands. On those ten magical acres, I had some of the coolest adventures fathomable (to a small child). I had a zip line, a rope swing, a fire pole, waterslides and at one point, I was the owner of over twenty dogs. 1124 Fleming Road will forever hold a spot in my heart as one of my happiest places on Earth. I discovered an urge for creativity there and unlocked my true love for adventure.

After graduating from college, my biggest concern was being able to find a way to pursue my passions; to find a new happy place. I wasn’t looking for a specific location, but to be able to enjoy my interests and actively share them with the world. I examined the things I love doing and decided to start a clothing line. 1124 was able to take on a new meaning for me, from representing my happiest place on Earth to becoming a company that allows me to partake in the activities that bring me happiness in my everyday life and actively encourage others to do so as well. This led me to the tagline Find Your Happy Place.  


For the logo, I designed a crisp, clean and timeless visual metaphor that can be utilized in a variety of ways. The black rectangle is the standard logo, but depending on circumstance the logo can be any other solid color or can stand alone as just the type without the rectangle.

1124 values being a unique, creative company that is constantly growing, learning and evolving into something better. 1124 strives to make quality products and encourage people to seek happiness and be confident in embracing their weird selves.


The mission of 1124 is to help people express their individuality so they can stand out in unique designs, embracing confidence and weirdness through artistically developed apparel. 

1124 exists for the purpose of expressing my creative endeavors with the public and inspiring others to find their happy place and be confident in their own skin.

To illustrate the vision of 1124, I designed a marketing pamphlet, four fully patterned pieces of apparel and a set of fabric swatches.

The accordion pamphlet features eight design choices on the inside back, labeled by a single number on each design. On the opposite side, there are three illustrations, a tank top, a pair of tights and a snapback, labeled A, B, and C. The panel next to these illustrations features copy giving instructions while reflecting the personality of the brand.

1124 provides insanely unique, retina-vibrating patterns created from original watercolor paintings, featuring the three things someone with dope swagger can’t fathom living without.

  1. Tank
  2. Snapback
  3. Tights

Choose from the 8 patterns on the back & visit www.1124.com/customswag to place your order.

I decided on a golden yellow and black color scheme due to yellow being the predominant color featured in the eight designs on the back. There is a pattern made out of the 1124 logo type comprising the background of the front and back panel, adding both an interesting and relevant visual to the design. This pattern is also repeated in the illustrations of the silhouettes. The wrap around the closed pamphlet has these silhouettes cut out of it so the potential customer can slide it across the designs and gather an idea of what the garments might look like. The front and back of the pamphlet line up when being opened, creating a large logo with the colors swapped.

The design for 1124 is sleek, modern and purposeful.