I'm an okay kickboxer and a mediocre yogi. I'm a super chill chick with an indefinitely expanding collection of hats. I snag all the stickers/ posters/ artwork I can get my hands on and my favorite day is Sunday because BRUNCH. 

If I sound like the type of person you'd like to work with, or grab coffee and swap stories with, get in touch!

A bit about my values and self.

Deep connections at every turn; I try to make as many friends as I possibly can. Some of my most memorable experiences come from talks with complete strangers. I'm down to hear any story and I'll always listen.

Health above all else; In July of 2013 I developed Fibromyalgia. After ditching medicine I adopted a diet and lifestyle regimen that has kept me in remission since 2015. I learned to respect the feeling of normalcy and tons of other stuff about living a healthy lifestyle - body - mind... yada yada. 

Document Everything; I love love love lifestyle photography -
No poses. All candid. The kinda shots that I see the beauty in that make my friends mad because they look like real people. 

Learn Every Day; I want to buy all the books, watch all the documentaries, attend all the conferences and learn from all the mistakes. Knowledge is power and knowing stuff feels good.