Hi! I'm Katie Mont.

I'm a web and graphic designer currently living in the wonderfully weird city of Denton, Texas. I love longboarding, photography and making as many friends as I possibly can. I'm a health freak, kickboxer and a yogi. My passions include painting, illustration and design. I've recently merged the three into my new clothing line, 1124



Design & Branding

I'm a firm believer in design with a purpose. There is nothing I find more rewarding than solving a problem at hand; completing a finished product that is both beautiful and relevant. The elements and principles of design are embedded in my brain, hardwired into my core. Design lets me put my thinking cap on, solve complex puzzles and communicate my creativity in a meaningful way that helps others. 


Painting allows me to let loose and express myself in a way that needs no underlying meaning: there is no need for a grand purpose. The purpose is in me expressing my creativity in the most therapeutic and relaxing way I know. I can hang up my thinking cap, let loose and embark on a roller coaster of imagination, make up stories for my monsters or leave questions unanswered. I can make or break the rules.